Tailored Approach

Focus on Mittelstand
Equity Carve-Outs

Lindsay Goldberg Europe has extensive experience in a variety of industries and pursues strategic goals with a long-term orientation, with the goal of creating lasting value, rather than quick returns. The constitution of the Lindsay Goldberg funds allows a above industry average stewardship. We are discreet, open, and fair; family co-shareholders and our partner management teams know that these values permeate our approach to investments.


Our transactions reflect our understanding of the differences between each of our portfolio companies, and each investment is custom tailored to each specific company and situation. Lindsay Goldberg Europe enjoys the challenges of complex situations, and our joint solutions consistently contribute to the success of our portfolio companies and their stakeholders.


Our experience includes, but is not limited to, the following diverse and complex situations:

  • A succession issue in a Mittelstand company whose principal owner wants to reduce involvement without retiring altogether
  • A family company that seeks professional and discreet advice as well as the necessary cash compensation for expansion
  • The management of a division of a larger entity that wants to unlock potential
  • A management board of a conglomerate that wants to dispose efficiently and discreetly of non-core activities

We like complex issues and could realize a considerable increase in value with every initiated investment.


Lindsay Goldberg Europe is most interested in companies with first class management, a competitive advantage, and substantial potential for growth. Our preferred transaction size is in the range of € 200 million to € 1.2 billion enterprise value.

Focus on Mittelstand

Lindsay Goldberg Europe supports Mittelstand companies in a variety of capacities: help with succession issues, support for geographical expansion or the creation of a more objective climate among family members. Not only do we supply intellectual capital, we also actively help companies in achieving their strategic goals. Our approach fits naturally with the goals of Mittelstand family companies: we are discreet, cooperative, and goal oriented.

Strategically, we focus our investments around the following characteristics:


  • Companies in established industries and associated services
  • Equity contribution of € 50 million to € 300 million
  • Potential to create value
  • Close collaboration with the owners and the management
  • Focus on the German-speaking region

Equity Carve-Outs

Lindsay Goldberg Europe is the perfect partner to revitalize and refocus previously non-core divisions of corporations. We have the necessary experience and financial resources to create new perspectives, which in turn lead to significant growth. The professional backgrounds of our partners in industry-leading positions and their important supervisory board mandates are instrumental in providing this support. At the same time, we have the entrepreneurial spirit and the funds to implement ambitious strategies together with the management of the relevant companies.