Schur Flexibles

Schur Flexibles Group is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging products in Europe across a range of end markets including meat & cheese, confectionary, pharmaceutical specialties and tobacco. The company operates 11 production plants across Germany, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Greece. Schur Flexibles covers the entire value-added chain in the packaging industry – from the procurement of raw materials to extrusion, pressing, lamination and processing. In 2015, the company generated sales of approximately € 370 million and employed approximately 1,100 people.


In March 2017, Lindsay Goldberg closed the acquisitions of Zwart, a Dutch flexible packaging business focused on the coffee and tea end markets, as well as the acquisition of TSO, a Dutch flexible packaging business focused on roll-your-own tobacco solutions.


In April 2018, Lindsay Goldberg acquired two premium packaging manufacturers from the Clondalkin Group, Cats-Haensel and Nimax. In the same month, Lindsay Goldberg acquired UNI Packaging, a France-based flexible packaging solutions provider mainly focused on technical barrier films for the fresh food markets.

Year of Initial Investment


Year of Disposition


Business Proposition

Manufacturer of flexible packaging products

Business Partner

Founder and Management

Follow-on Investments Date
Zwart 2017
TSO 2017
Cats-Haensel & Nimax 2018
UNI Packaging 2018

"We aim to drive organic growth and make accretive acquisitions. We have already identified a number of target companies that could create value for the portfolio.”

Dr. Thomas Ludwig
Managing Partner of Lindsay Goldberg Vogel GmbH (2016)