Mapress was created out of Mannesmann Pressfitting GmbH, a subsidiary of Mannesmann AG, Düsseldorf. The entity manufactured systems to connect stainless steel pipes (pressfittings) and was bought by Lindsay Goldberg's predecessor fund, Bessemer Holdings, in 1999. Together with management, Lindsay Goldberg Vogel initiated an aggressive growth strategy involving the expansion of the sales network both domestically and abroad, continually introducing product innovations to the market and improving production efficiency at the site in Langenfeld.

In 2002, Mapress expanded into Northern Europe by the acquisition of Blücher Metal ApS, a manufacturer of stainless steel drainage systems and distribution partner of Mapress, based in Denmark.

During the stewardship of Lindsay Goldberg, sales increased by 37% and profit by 62%. Mapress Group was sold to Geberit AG of Switzerland in 2003. Benefitting from additional synergies within the Geberit network, the entity could continue growing ever since.

Year of Initial Investment


Year of Disposition


Business Proposition

Pipe connection systems (pressfittings)

Business Partner


Follow-on Investments Date
Blücher 2002

“Lindsay Goldberg Vogel helped unleash an entrepreneurial spirit within our company that was unknown under previous group ownership.”

Dr. Fritz C. Schmidt
CEO (2003)