Klöckner & Co

Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, Klöckner & Co AG had 2006 sales of more than € 5.5 billion and is one of the largest multi-metal distribution companies in the world. Klöckner serves over 200,000 customers and distributes a wide variety of steel, aluminum and non-weighted products. The company operates approximately 240 warehouse facilities in ten European countries, the USA, and Canada. Klöckner & Co employs 10,000 people.

During the stewardship of Lindsay Goldberg, Klöckner & Co successfully completed and integrated nine add-on acquisitions, screened the efficiency of all warehouse locations and implemented a coordinated efficiency program covering purchasing, product variety and working capital requirements. Sales increased by 15%, profit by 46%. Lindsay Goldberg disposed of its investment through an IPO in June 2006 followed by three block trades. Measured by value appreciation of the stock, the placement of Klöckner & Co was the most successful IPO in Germany in 2006.

Year of Initial Investment


Year of Disposition


Business Proposition

Leading worldwide distributor of a wide variety of steel, aluminum and non-weighted metal products

Business Partner

Public Company, Management

Follow-on Investments Date
Reynolds European 2005
Alu Menziken Services 2005
Targe 2006
AESGA 2006
Action Steel 2006
Gauss & Co. 2006
Tournier 2007
Teuling Steel 2007
Primary Steel 2007

"Lindsay Goldberg Vogel is a reliable partner with profound knowledge of our business who actively supports our efforts to enhance the value of our company."

Dr. Thomas Ludwig
CEO (2005)