Wacker Construction

Wacker has been in operation since 1848 and employed together with its subsidiaries around 2,800 people worldwide. Construction machines from the development and manufacturing centers in Germany, the USA, the Philippines and Australia were sold through some 16 separate locations in 40 different countries. In 2003, the company generated sales of € 362 million.


Lindsay Goldberg acquired approximately 30% of Wacker Construction Equipment AG in 2003. During the time of cooperation, Wacker successfully introduced inter alia a central cash-pooling system and implemented a new accounting software. Furthermore, Wacker successfully completed the first three acquisitions in its history and placed a new product range on the world market. The family and management bought back its shareholdings from Lindsay Goldberg in the fall of 2006. During Lindsay Goldberg’s involvement from 2003 to 2006 the turnover of Wacker increased by 72% and profit by 135%. After Lindsay Goldberg’s exit an IPO was successfully completed in May 2007.

Year of Initial Investment


Year of Disposition


Business Proposition

Designs, produces, distributes, and services light construction equipment

Business Partner

Founding Family, Management

Follow-on Investments Date
Weidemann 2005
Ground Heaters 2006
Drill Fix 2006

“Lindsay Goldberg Vogel is an analytical and experienced partner, whom we regularly meet with. These meetings are very valuable to us and often generate ideas that we would not want to miss.”

Dr. Georg Sick
CEO (2004)

“The family wanted a trustworthy and entrepreneurial partner who actively steers into the future while truly understanding a traditional, family-owned company. The willingness to accept a minority position was also crucial to us. The cooperation with Mr. Vogel has exceeded our expectations.”

Dr. Ulrich Wacker
Member of the Supervisory Board (2004)